ISDT 2010 - 4th International Joint Conference on Integrated Systems Design and Technology - 7-9 June, 2010, Siegen, Germany

Our vision:

Conference on Advanced Materials and Design Conference on Advanced Energy Utilization Concepts Conference on Computational and Intelligent Systems Engineering

"Integration of components, Design of structures and managing knowledge under them in Engineering is a difficult and complex endeavor. A wide range of advanced technologies such as smart Materials and their approaches in alternative energy have to be invoked in providing assistance for knowledge requirements ranging from acquisition, modeling, (re)using, retrieving, sharing, publishing and maintaining of Experience-knowledge. Integration, Design and management originates at least on three roots.

First, suppliers of new existing technology and academics in this field have created opportunities of supporting knowledge tasks by system solutions. Second, organization and human relations professionals have recognized the need for using the opportunities of a highly increasing educated work force in modern societies. Finally, strategic integration has recognized that the optimal use of intellectual capabilities may be the best source for sustaining competitiveness in the global economy."

We are encouraging authors to take part in this new endeavor and submit papers of commercial and industrial applications and solutions as well as scientific approaches and results in the related fields.

Papers and proceedings:

All papers will be reviewed by selected reviewers in the corresponding fields of the covered topics. Reviewed papers will be published by Springer.

Update: Due to the strong and approved scientific publication frame provided by Springer, we are proud to hand over the chance to present the content of the work in an extended coverage of 6 - 8 pages for the final paper submission.

Computational Engineering Topics Advanced Materials and Design Topics Alternative Fuel Sources and Energy Harvesting Topics
Fuel Cell Markets